The Surabaya City Government through the Surabaya City Transportation Department (Dishub) has prepared shuttle bus facilities for U-17 World Cup spectators. Spectators can use the facility for free during the U-17 World Cup matches taking place in Surabaya City. 

Tundjung Iswandaru, Head of the Surabaya City Transportation Department (Dishub), said that the city government will provide 110 units of shuttle bus facilities. The shuttle buses will be distributed at six stopping points, including City Hall, Joyoboyo Intermodal Terminal (TIJ), Tambak Osowilangun Terminal (TOW), Benowo Terminal, Tandes motor vehicle testing site, and Ciputra World (Ciwo). 

"It is free to use during the U-17 World Cup, because spectators are prohibited from bringing four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles into the stadium area. So the parking can be outside the stadium, but we have prepared the shuttle bus," said Tundjung, Sunday (29/10/2023). 

Tundjung appealed to the public, for people who will use the shuttle bus to watch the U-17 World Cup at Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium (GBT), to arrive early at the pick-up point. Because at 12.00 WIB the shuttle bus services start moving from these points to the GBT Stadium. 

He told the public not to worry about being left behind, because the shuttle buses will come and go. It is estimated that one bus will arrive every 30 minutes. 

"So he can go back and forth, hopefully all can be transported. The number of the fleet is approximately 110, with a maximum capacity of 60 passengers each. The waiting time is half an hour, if it is close, it can be half an hour, such as in Tandes and Osowilangun. But for Joyoboyo, it might take a little longer," he advised. 

Tundjung explained that there will also be special parking pockets for two-wheeled vehicles. The plan is that the Surabaya City Transportation Department will work with local residents to prepare the parking lot. 

After that, the parking pockets will be given special signs and signs by the Surabaya City Transportation Department. Later, the Surabaya City Transportation Department will also adjust parking rates in accordance with the provisions of local regulations, the aim is to prevent unscrupulous people from charging higher rates. 

"Later we will communicate with sub-districts and police stations to equalize the rates, so that no one charges more expensive rates," he concluded. 

The following is the route taken by the shuttle bus during the 2023 U-17 World Cup match. The City Hall - Dupak Toll Road - GBT route, will go through Jalan Wijaya Kusuma, Jalan Ambengan, Jalan Undaan Kulon, Jalan Jagalan, Jalan Tembaan, Jalan Dupak, Dupak Toll Road, Romokalisari Toll exit, and GBT Stadium. While the TIJ route, the shuttle bus will go through Jalan Gunungsari, Gunungsari Gate 2 Toll Road, Romokalisari Toll exit, and finally GBT Stadium. 

In addition, there is also the TIJ - Ciputra World - Satellite Toll - GBT Stadium route, which will go through Jalan Diponegoro, Jalan Kutai, Jalan Adityawarman, Jalan Mayjend Sungkono, Satellite Toll, and Romokalisari Toll exit, finally GBT Stadium. Meanwhile, for the TOW - GBT Stadium route, the shuttle bus will go through Jalan Tambak Osowilangun, Fly over Teluk Lamong, to the GBT Stadium. 

As for the Benowo Terminal - GBT Stadium route, the shuttle bus will go through Jalan Singgapur, Jalan Kauman Baru, Jalan Jawar, to the GBT Stadium. Finally, the Tandes Motor Vehicle Testing route - GBT Stadium will go through Jalan Margomulyo, Tandes Toll Road, Romokalisari 2 Toll exit, and finally GBT Stadium.