The grand event of the 2023 U-17 World Cup will be a historic moment for the citizens of Surabaya. The people of the City of Heroes are welcoming the event by decorating their districts with football-themed decor, such as paintings on gates and flags representing U-17 World Cup participants.

Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi stated that the enthusiasm of this moment is evident through the participation of the citizens in welcoming the U-17 World Cup. Surabaya is currently hosting the event, providing an opportunity for locals to promote their districts to football fans from abroad.

"Thank God, the people are very enthusiastic. I hope that many will come to Gelora Bung Tomo (GBT) Stadium to make the U-17 World Cup a success. Though we won't only be watching our Indonesian national team matches, let us make this event a success by being there," said Mayor Eri on Thursday (26/10/2023).

One such example is Manukan Lor IV-K, located in the Banjar Sugihan sub-district, Tandes, Surabaya. Residents will be greeted by gates decorated with World Cup-themed decor.

The head of neighborhood sub-districts one, Banjar Sugihan, Tandes, Surabaya, Lukas Prastowo, explained that the locals are working together to celebrate the U-17 World Cup, which will be held in Surabaya on November 10.

"It is not difficult to mobilize the people since there are a lot of football fans in this sub-district. Moreover, the youth often express their ideas and immediately put them into action together with the local residents. The decorations are all the result of their ideas," said Lukas.

Lukas also hopes that the people of Surabaya will participate in making the U-17 World Cup a success. He hopes that the decorated districts can become a tourist attraction when travelers come to Surabaya.

"We are hoping that the U-17 World Cup event will proceed smoothly. As hosts of the event, we want other countries to witness the euphoria of the event in our city," he exclaimed.

In Lemah Putro sub-districts, Embong Kaliasin, Genteng, Surabaya, a similar effort is underway. Locals have painted football-themed murals, including flags representing the participating countries.

Agung, head of the neighborhood sub-district nine, said that the residents are participating in preparations to welcome the U-17 World Cup. This begins with area cleaning and continues with decorating the sub-districts.

"Besides painting murals, we are also building a football field for the children. They are all very enthusiastic. Thank God, so are the residents," said Agung.

As one of the citizens of Surabaya, he admitted that he is very proud that the U-17 World Cup will take place in GBT Stadium. This will be a historic moment for Surabaya since the Indonesian National Team (Timnas) will also be competing in Group A.

"We must be proud because Surabaya has the opportunity to host this event. This will be a historic moment for Surabaya citizens because we can participate in celebrating the U-17 World Cup," he concluded.