Surabaya City is ready to welcome the upcoming U-17 FIFA World Cup, which will be held on November 10, 2023. Decorations, flags, and banners of the U-17 FIFA World Cup have been neatly installed at various locations in Surabaya.

Mayor of Surabaya, Eri Cahyadi, stated that in preparation to welcome the U-17 FIFA World Cup, the Surabaya City Government has made various arrangements. In addition to flags and banners, there are also items like merchandise, etc. He mentioned that the installation of flags and U-17 FIFA World Cup-themed items will become even more vibrant in the coming week.

"Inshaa Allah, next week it will become more vibrant, with flags and related U-17 FIFA World Cup items. There will be lights, balls, and more," Mayor Eri said on Sunday, October 22, 2023.

The excitement of the U-17 FIFA World Cup will not only be felt on the main streets but also in Surabaya's shopping centers. "Starting next week, around October 28, they will add their own U-17 FIFA World Cup-themed decorations. It will also appear on video screens and entrances to Surabaya," he added.

Meanwhile, Myrna Augusta Aditya Dewi, the Head of the Pollution Control and Biodiversity Management Division at the Surabaya City's Department of Environment (DLH), mentioned that the U-17 FIFA World Cup decorations have been installed since last Wednesday. One of them is in front of the City Hall and Balai Pemuda.

Myrna stated that these decorations are meant to welcome the U-17 FIFA World Cup, which is scheduled for November 10, 2023. As the host city, Surabaya is promoting the event through these decorations.

"Since this is an international event, the hype must be echoed from various angles, not only in the stadiums but also in government centers, main roads, and public places," Myrna said.

In addition to decorations, there will also be 3D mascots placed in various iconic locations and used in processions. However, the DLH is currently coordinating with the Surabaya City's Department of Culture, Youth, Sports, and Tourism (Disbudporapar) to make these arrangements.

"We plan to add them to the Bambu Runcing Monument and the Sawunggaling Bridge, but further coordination is needed before placing them there, as approval is required," she added.

It's worth noting that the Surabaya City Government, through the DLH, Disbudporapar, and the Department of Communication and Informatics (Diskominfo), has printed about 900 banners for the U-17 FIFA World Cup to be distributed across various areas in the City of Heroes. These banners have been installed on major roads, routes to the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium (GBT), district and sub-district offices, community health centers, and the Regional Public Hospital (RSUD).