The Surabaya City Government (Pemkot) accompanied the local U-17 World Cup committee (LOC) team on an inspection visit to the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium (GBT) on Monday (2/10/2023). This inspection aims to ensure the readiness of GBT Stadium as a venue for the U-17 World Cup on November 10, 2023.

Wiwiek Widayati, the Head of the Surabaya City Culture, Youth and Sports, and Tourism Service (Disbudporapar), stated that during this inspection, the local U-17 World Cup committee aimed to map the available space and assess the electricity requirements at GBT Stadium.

"All the teams have visited Surabaya and have inspected every room, both in the main stadium and on the training field. They have reviewed the plans we provided and checked whether any additional additions or modifications are needed," said Wiwiek.

Wiwiek explained that today, the local committee team assessed the electricity capacity in each room that will be used during the U-17 World Cup matches. They evaluated the power supply in each room and determined its designated use.

Not only did the committee inspect the rooms, but they also examined every aspect of GBT Stadium, from the spectator stands to the media stands. So far, the City Government, through the Surabaya City Culture, Youth and Sports, and Tourism Service, has made several improvements, including the restroom area in the spectator stands.

"We have also renovated the restrooms on floors 3 and 5 as requested by Mayor Eri Cahyadi. Some toilets have been replaced, and the floors leading to the restrooms have been plastered. Additionally, work has been completed on the 4th floor," explained Wiwiek.

In addition to restroom improvements in the spectator stands, Wiwiek added that Surabaya City Culture, Youth and Sports, and Tourism Service has also taken steps to enhance the parking area at GBT Stadium. Currently, the parking lot at GBT Stadium is in the process of being asphalted after the aggregate process has been completed.

"The northern part is almost finished; we are now moving on to asphalt it. After the northern section is completed, we will proceed to the southern part. This parking area has a capacity for 1,305 four-wheeled vehicles," he added.

Furthermore, in the near future, Surabaya City Culture, Youth and Sports, and Tourism Service plans to adorn various points in the city of Surabaya with U-17 World Cup themed decorations, such as banners and other promotional materials to enhance the U-17 World Cup atmosphere.

"On the 3rd, we will begin installing banners, pending approval from FIFA for the banners and other decorations. We have already worked on billboards and video screens; we just need to increase their quantity," he concluded. (*)