On Monday, September 18, 2023, in the morning, Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi conducted a surprise inspection (sidak) at Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium (GBT). The purpose of this surprise inspection was to verify the readiness of the facilities and infrastructure at GBT Stadium for the 2023 U-17 World Cup, scheduled for November 10, 2023.

Mayor Eri Cahyadi mentioned several areas that required improvement before the U-17 World Cup takes place, one of which is the access road leading to the GBT Stadium parking area. He expressed the need for the access road to the GBT Stadium gate to be leveled to ease the entry of four-wheeled vehicles.

Mayor Eri said, 'Ensure that everything is level so that cars can enter without tilting too much. Since it's somewhat elevated, sedans may need to maneuver or jerk a bit. This is what I'm evaluating.'

Furthermore, Mayor Eri also urged his administration in Surabaya City to promptly enhance the toilet facilities at GBT Stadium, addressing aspects such as lighting, water quality, and cleanliness. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that proper lighting is available at every entrance, along with the provision of a prayer room (musala).

Apart from lighting at each entrance for spectators, he also wanted the landscaping of the area around GBT Stadium to be redesigned for a neater and more comfortable appearance. During the surprise inspection, he noticed that some of the plants along the GBT Stadium fence were not well-maintained.

"We will rearrange the plants at the entrances to ensure they are both comfortable and neatly arranged. Additionally, I have requested that any cracked parts be leveled again. When Indonesia's matches are held in Surabaya, there will be a large number of spectators, so we need to ensure they have a comfortable experience at GBT," stated Mayor Eri.

Overall, the facilities at GBT Stadium are already 100 percent ready to welcome the U-17 World Cup in November 2023. However, he wanted these facilities to be perfected further to ensure that the spectators who come to GBT Stadium have a comfortable experience.

Minor improvements are expected to be completed by the second week of October 2023. Additionally, the city administration (Pemkot Surabaya) will develop alternative routes to GBT Stadium, which may encompass direct access via the toll road and other public roads. The Transportation Agency (Dishub) will also implement traffic management measures for all vehicles heading to GBT Stadium.

In addition, Wiwiek Widayati, the Head of the Department of Culture, Youth and Sports, and Tourism of Surabaya City (Disbudporapar Surabaya), mentioned that several improvements would be made at GBT Stadium, including the toilets in the spectator stands. So far, there have been no specific recommendations for improvements from FIFA.

"We are also in the process of sprucing up the spectator stands, which includes renovating the toilet facilities. The parking area is also being asphalted for minor improvements," Wiwiek said.

She also mentioned that the training facilities to be used officially will remain the same as in previous matches. These facilities include fields A and C at GBT Stadium, the Thor Field (Gelora Pancasila), and the Gelora 10 November Stadium. 'As of now, there have been no recommendations from FIFA, and the stadiums is all clear,' she concluded.