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A traditional theater performed by a group of artists with stories of everyday life, history, and fairy tales. Ludruk’s characteristic is always to use the local dialects (Suroboyoan) in its dialogues, accompanied by gamelan music, remo dance, parikan, kidungan and also very entertaining lawak.

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Tari Remo

Historically, remo dance is a dance specifically performed by male dancers. This is related to the play performed in this dance, because it carries the theme of struggle. Based on the historical development of Remo dance, it used to be a dance performed as an opening in Ludruk art performances. But over time, remo dance began to shift into welcoming dances for guests and other entertainment events. In addition, remo dance is also often performed in regional art festivals as an effort to preserve East Javanese culture. Now, remo dance is not only performed by male dancers, but also by female dancers.

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Pawai Ogoh-Ogoh

One day before Nyepi, the “Buta Yadnya” ritual is performed. “Buta Yadnya” is a series of ceremonies to dispel the presence of “Buta Kala” when which is a manifestation of negative elements in human life. In the “Buta Yadnya” series, there is a tradition of the ogoh-ogoh parade, which is a lively annual festival and has become a tourist attraction. Ogoh-ogoh are dolls or statues of various kinds that symbolize negative elements, bad traits, and evil that surround human life. The doll is made of a bamboo frame covered with paper.

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Sedekah Bumi

Sedekah Bumi (Earth Alms) is one of the local traditions held once a year to give thanks for the abundance of fortune. As a legacy of ancestors and generations, Sedekah Bumi can still be found in several areas in Surabaya. The earth alms ritual became a place for community gathering. They work together to build a giant tumpeng (cone-shaped stretchers) from the produce they have, then carry together to the village hall to hold traditional rituals and prayers together. After that, the tumpeng of produce were distributed to residents in a scrambling manner.

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Reog is a type of traditional dance that is grooved in folklore. It describes the meeting between King Kelono Suwandoni of Bantar Anggun kingdom and King Singo Barong of lodoyo kingdom. The second meeting took place to meet the requirements of Princess Songgo Langit contest. She is the princess of the Kediri Kingdom who is known to be very beautiful. Long story short that King Kelono Suwandono managed to meet the requirements requested by the Princess Songgo Langit. The event carried out at the wedding reception of the princess was finally called the art of “Reog”.

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Manten Pegon

It is the original of Surabaya's wedding tradition "Manten Pegon" emerged from a mixed culture of Chinese, European, Indian and Arab cultural influences whose citizens used to live in harmony together in Surabaya. The pluralism of makeup and attire reflects harmony and expresses its ethnic cultural traditions.

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